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Replace Car Key Fobs - Sarasota FL

When your fob is malfunctioning it means that your vehicle is essentially out of commission as well. That’s because among the fob’s functions is opening and closing the car doors as well as starting the car. When these functions are compromised it means that your vehicle has to sit and wait until they are resolved. Among the array of car locksmith services we offer in the Sarasota area we will replace car key fobs that no longer work and program them for you all at a fraction of the cost that a visit to the dealership would entail.

We are experienced locksmiths who have experience dealing with every type of key, be they manual or electronic. Among other things we can reprogram them as well as remove existing keys from your car’s computer. And as an added bonus we make it convenient by coming to your location and taking care of the issue.

We are quick responder so service calls and we are dedicated to providing you with superior customer service at all times. Our prices are fair and affordable when we quote you a price that is what you will see on you bill – there’s no need to worry about bill padding and unexplained additional charges. So if you’re in Sarasota and are having car key trouble of any kind get in touch and let us save you both time and money.

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